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Sister Ryeowook’s amazing dancing skills.

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SM said “Leeteuk expressed his intention of wanting to discharge quietly, and he plans to leave the military without the events and interviews for fans and reporters in front of the troops on the 29th.”
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SMTOWN WEEK: kyuhyun's outfits colorful

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Siwon imitate Kyuhyun’s style

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Siwon bts for Jimmy Choo

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1/∞ - Favorite Super Junior Fancams

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Anonymous giggled: FUCK LIKE SERIOUSLY at those concerts where these sweaty guys are literally stripping (which I have no problem with), all these fan girls scream like crazy but god forbid Hyuna does what she wants to


The double standard in KPOP is unreal, dude. All is well when a guy rips his shirt off and humps the floor, but all hell breaks loose if a girl is shaking her ass in a music video. I hate the fact that majority of the “fans” of KPOP think that the female idols need to maintain a cute and clean image, and then they do a complete 180 and tell the boy bands to strip and take their clothes off.

And also, just because she’s topless and straddling a banana, that doesn’t make her a slut or a hoe. Do you want to know what it makes her? It makes her one sexy woman who knows how to work what she got. I swear to god, if any of the haters had her body, they’d want to flaunt it too. Hyuna knows she’s sexy, and she knows where the money in the market is. So let her fucking do her thing. Don’t like it? Don’t watch. Simple as that.

Honestly, these girls (and guys) need to stop slut shaming. I hate the fact that woman are looked down upon when they talk about sexual topics, dude. So what? We are just fans, we have no control over what these idols do. So why don’t these delusional girls let grown ass woman do whatever the hell they want.

Grow up. Stop acting like a bunch of 12 year old puritans.

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GRAZIA Magazine BTS.

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